If locals do a Facebook search for roofer near me

...or a competitor?

As the largest global social media platform, Facebook is one of the most popular places that people turn to when they’re searching for a local roofing business. Often they'll type in 'roofer near me'.

With 226 million Facebook users in the US, and 73% of them using Facebook every day, it's a great way to put your roofing business in front of the home owners who are SEARCHING for a roofing company, right?

But it's not that simple. Just having a Facebook business page isn't enough.

Why? Because Facebook gives priority to businesses that have ACTIVE pages.

And if you're like most small businesses, you don't have time to mess with Facebook all that often (or LinkedIn or the other social media sites). You're TOO BUSY looking after your customers. And what would you post anyway?

So how can we help?
And what's it going to cost?

Daily updates to your Facebook for only $3.24/day

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