Solving the social posting dilemma
for roofing businesses

Facebook is the biggest social media globally

Okay, so Facebook is the heavyweight in the social media landscape (thank you for the graphic, And it gives priority to businesses that have active pages. But what is an ACTIVE business page? And how frequently should you add something to your business page for it to be regarded as active?

How often to post, to get the best results?

Facebook doesn’t reveal their algorithm, but here’s the consensus view:

• “How Often to Post on Facebook? Most studies agree that once per day is optimal, with a maximum of two posts per day.” [source]

• “It is generally recommended to post 1 time per day, and no more than 2 times per day.” [source]

• “For best results on Facebook, post once a day” [source]

• “Stick to one post per day or five posts per week.” [source]

So if you’re not posting every day, potential clients are NOT likely to see your business. When they search, they’ll find other firms.

Does daily social posting make a difference to your ranking in Facebook?

In their list of “4 Facebook algorithm ranking signals,” Hootsuite says…

→ “Recency: How new is the post? Newer posts are placed higher.”
→ “Recency is a key signal. The newest posts go to the top of the news feed.”

Now, if your Facebook business page needs a new post every day, HOW can you do that when you’re busy taking care of your current clients?

The dilemma for small business

It’s a widespread problem for small businesses: you’re TOO BUSY DOING the business to GROW the business. Very understandable. You’re too busy serving your clients to do the necessary social media posting.


You can solve that dilemma by OUTSOURCING. You can easily and inexpensively outsource your daily social posting work to our team.

We’re all set up to keep your Facebook page ACTIVE by posting informative tips and attractive memes* to your social media pages EVERY DAY.

* Definition:
A meme is a graphic that contains an image with text included in the image.
We will also post a short text comment below each meme.

With our automation driving your social media marketing, you can relax, knowing you’ve got an experienced social media posting service taking care of that part of your business for you. Social Media for Roofers, that's our thing!

> The MEMES are professionally created, as you’ll see on the next page.
> The TIPS talk about issues that worry your clients.

So what will get posted when you engage us?

On the next page, you'll see the professional quality of the memes we'll be posting for you…

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