Answering your questions about our daily social posting service

How do we set up a Facebook Business Page?

Here's the Facebook Business Help Center.

What will you need from us?

1) In order to post to your Facebook Business Page, we’ll need your Facebook login details (username, password) and your automated payment. If you’d prefer, you can grant us posting rights (not full admin rights) by appointing our staff member as an Editor. More on the editor role below.

We also offer the option of having the images watermarked with your company’s logo – at no extra charge. You'd need to send us your logo, of course.

2) We can also post to other social sites. If you choose our FULL Service or the FACEBOOK PLUS ONE service, we post to these 8 social media (or whichever of them you're using): Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, LinkedIn Personal, LinkedIn Business, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google My Business. We’ll need those logins too.

We don’t know you, Gary, so we’re not ready to give you unlimited access to our Facebook account. So how would this work?

1) Facebook provides a simple solution. You can create an Editor account which allows the editor to create posts. Here’s the Facebook page about the editor role. To my way of thinking, Lifewire has a more helpful explanation which also shows that an Admin (that’s whoever created the business page in the first place, i.e. the owner) can easily remove an Editor’s access. Look for the section titled Where to Find and Assign Facebook Page Roles.

2) In order for us to post to your social media sites, our staff member will need your login details. We will ask you to appoint Lisa Overly ( as either an admin or an editor at each of your social sites. Lisa is the Director of Posting Operations in our team, which incidentally has been providing this social posting service for nearly 3 years. Lisa knows what she's doing and is highly trustworthy.

Is there a contract? Are we locked in?

No and no. When you stop paying, we stop posting. It's that simple. We’ll stop posting at the end of your paid period or immediately if you request that.

Where do you stand on privacy?

Your privacy is respected here and your data will not be shared, sold, traded or given away. Apart from the ethical downside and the legal risk if I was stupid enough to try to exploit your personal data, I like to sleep with a clear conscience! Here's the longer version of my privacy policy.

Those Facebook stats. Where did you get them from?

Facebook has 226 million users in USA [source]
73% of them use it every day [source]
Two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business page every week [source].

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