Social media management: Mistakes to avoid

Our daily social media posting service will post quality memes, including those you've just seen, along with short helpful comments.

Once a day. Every day. That's what we will be doing for you.

Here’s what we WON’T be doing!

We won’t be making these Facebook-posting mistakes because their algorithm is decidedly unfriendly to these types of posts:

1. Posts with spammy links (for example, links with a clickbait title that lead to a page full of ads)

2. Repeated content

3. Text-only posts

4. Intensely promotional page content prompting readers to make a purchase

5. Posts that reuse text from existing ads [source].

And here’s HOW we’ll be avoiding those 5 social posting mistakes…

1. Each post will link back to whichever web page you specify.

2. We have half a year’s worth of professionally created memes to post daily, including the few you’ve seen.

3. Every post will contain both a graphic AND a short comment. Something meaningful to the folks who are looking for a roofing business.

4. Our messages will be informational and educational. Nothing “salesy” about them at all.

5. We won’t be repeating last week’s comments either because we’ve got oodles of tips already written and field tested.

Ready when you are!

If you're getting the idea that WE ARE READY TO START WORKING FOR YOU, then I've done my job here. Because we are. But you may still have questions. My FAQ page should answer most of them, but there's a contact page if it doesn't.

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